Errol Elumir's Portfolio


They say "Creative" is a buzzword. But what if it describes your very passion?

Creativity can and should be practiced every day. I do a daily webcomic. I participate in timed, creative challenges throughout the year. I make videos, podcasts, songs, video games. I am constantly creating.

Yet you hesitate. Does my emphasis on 'creativity' mean I have no skills? No! I have a degree in Computer Science! I can count on my hands in binary and have taught my children to do the same.

I am skilled at Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, After Effects. I program in a variety of different languages depending on the situation. I work on all three platforms: Windows, OSX and Linux.

"Creative" is not a buzzword here. But challenge me! Prove that I may not be the most creative person you've ever met. If anything, we'd have a great discussion! :D